Budgie playing

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  1. Austin Bird Says:

    GIMME MY FOOD GIMME? MY FOOD!!!!!!!! lol sooo cute

  2. spickymaster Says:

    if your birds are flying out windows, CLOSE THE WINDOW.
    thesse birds have no chosen to live with us, we have adopt.
    we have to put the? toilet lid down so they don’t drown.
    we have to make sure all doors are closed.
    they are not escaping becuase they are fully flighted, they are escaping because off your carelessness.

    thesse are well adjusted birds in a envoirmoment that is enriching, not all are so lucky

  3. AnimeLoverForever16 Says:

    thanks, im getting? thier wings clipped and all tomorrow, since my cockatail has obvious grown hers back and has taken a liking to flying out windows grrr, ( i know the whole oh thats a sin thing with cutting thier feathers, but its for her own good) so hopefully they can get out and about the cage more

    hope no1 thinks im a mean pet owner adn just keeping them for my amusement, i was just worried ive done something wrong since they arent loud or playful like others, thankyou 😀

  4. spickymaster Says:

    all budgies are very playfull but they? need to space and stimulation to play. most people complain they don’t do much, yet have them locked in a cage 10 hours a day
    they needs lots of space and diiferent toys

  5. AnimeLoverForever16 Says:

    i have kakarikis, coskatails, finches and now budgies yay i always loved your budgies and i finally convinced my mom that they dont die at the first noise above 2 decimals. n they r soo cute
    but i was looking forward to playful creatures, ya kno compared to my other birds, they dont seem playful :(? cry, yours r sooooo adorable though. thanks

    anything i can do to help them be more playful or active??? :O
    all suggestions welcome 🙂

  6. warboop Says:

    Ha My mickey budgie does that with his block and his ball lol funny .sometimes they? toss it the wrong way and I crack up

  7. greybirdy Says:

    Love it! Our? Bluey loves to do this with carrots 🙂

  8. benjaminfrank1in Says:

    aww how many budgies do u? hav?

  9. maryonearth Says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:


    This is a short video of my budgie, Schmiko, rapping and dancing. Thanks! Mary

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