Budgies Which One is Male and Female??????

Please Tell Me Which One Of These Two Is Male Or Female(Blue or Yellow). Thanks Everyone.

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  1. dollarbill3585 Says:

    I think it’s the blue one

  2. mg11399 Says:

    I THINK their both males.

  3. BudgieBay Says:

    Both are males. I have been breeding budgies for over 5 years now. What a lot of people do not know is that many budgies that are lightly colored, such as greywings, clearwings, and dilutes will have pink ceres if they are male. Albino, Lutino, and some pied varieties will also have pink ceres if they are male. I wouldn’t really trust too many people on YouTube with this kind of question, especially if they aren’t experienced breeders or owners.

  4. kingg4l Says:

    blue nose = males pink nose = female thats how you sex budgies

  5. DisneyGameplays4you Says:

    the blue one is male and the yellow is either a baby male or a female

  6. ambarawio Says:


  7. Shomedat1 Says:

    yellow one is male

  8. TheDesertsawa Says:

    both are males

  9. MrDavidharris8749 Says:

    the male is the blue a one and the female is the female

  10. 123789456452001 Says:

    hey i also have same type of birds

  11. NatashaPEACE Says:

    I know blue is boy.. But i Think yellow is girl.. Some colors such as Albino and yellow have different cere colors.

  12. TheSAINdriver Says:

    blue one is a boy.. yellow a girl

  13. Shomedat1 Says:

    thanx alot

  14. ambarawio Says:

    beautiful birds

  15. schweppsmybudgie Says:

    When their young if they’re female they will have a light blue cere (bit above beak) with white rings around the nostrils. If their young and Male they will have a light purplish cere. If they are adult male they will have a dark blue cere if they are adult female they will have a darkish brownish pinkish cere

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