Caring for Parakeets : Caring for Parakeets

Want to buy pet parakeets? Learn how to care for a pet parakeet in this free video clip. Expert: Elizabeth Cantu Bio: Elizabeth Cantu has owned and been working with parrots since 1994. She has been active in captive parrot rescue and rehabilitation. Filmmaker: julio costilla
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19 Responses to “Caring for Parakeets : Caring for Parakeets”

  1. AcidfartProductions Says:

    Quit saying “um”!

  2. TheJwa66 Says:

    @wwftherocklegend Yes but it’s mixed in with their droppings you can barely see it

  3. trizan123 Says:

    @wwftherocklegend No, they do NOT really pee, its just kind of all in one dropping, the “pee” is the gray ish stuff on the outside, the white is the poop…. 🙂 Hope I helped lol ?

  4. trizan123 Says:

    @quelita28 If you hand feed it, then stop for about 2 weeks-1 month, keep it on your hand, if it bites you, then after it bites, lightly push their head up, and say, “No!” Don’t say it TOO loud, just stay pretty calm, but say it a bit louder than your normal voice, unless you’re obnoxious, lol 🙂 I’m sure your not. Hope I helped. If I didn’t tell me I didn’t I will think of some thing else…. 🙂 Promise xxx…..?

  5. lipoicacid Says:

    @mrdirectordude NAC…for you too now.

  6. lipoicacid Says:

    @quelita28 Bite him back.

  7. wwftherocklegend Says:

    can they pee

  8. pokemongenius777 Says:

    um how come u say um after um every um other work um?

  9. Koolkid736 Says:

    @mrdirectordude take it to the vet….?

  10. ACwonderland Says:

    I’ve had my parakeet for three days and she already steps up. I got her from petco. Amazing I know. She’s still a little skittish, but she’s pretty much got it figured out. OOHHH one thing, she nose dived into a garbage pail… It was empty but it had remnants of ketchup at the bottom…. now the small area of feathers around her upper neck directly under her beak are all dirty and smudged together. I don’t think she can reach it herself, what do I do?

  11. mrdirectordude Says:

    help my bird is really sick!! what should i dooo???!!! :O

  12. Radien Says:

    Note, by “press against its breast” I don’t mean poke it. 🙁 Hold your finger sideways as an inviting perch. Just wanted to clarify that.

  13. Radien Says:

    Press gently against its breast until it gets the idea. Make sure it is used to being approached by humans before you attempt it (in other words, if it runs away, don’t chase it around with your hand).

    Some owners recommend that you also use a command word when you finger-train them so they’ll learn to “step up” on command. This can help, but it’s purely optional.

  14. FOOFIGHTERkid69 Says:

    how do you get a bird to step up on your finger fo the first time?

  15. P1NK4Life Says:

    Cute budgie 🙂

  16. Sexydragon96 Says:

    No you dont.If its biting him hes not going to want to play with him.

  17. halomarine101 Says:

    you have to play with it every day for an hour or put your hand in its cage and let it step up on your hand for an hour

  18. quelita28 Says:

    Very good and accurate. Thanks for sharing
    your knowledge to us. How do you tame a
    parakeet that bites you all the time?

  19. Globalpack Says:

    You are great! Me and my budgies thank you.

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