Caring for Parakeets : Native Sounds of Parakeets

Parakeets love to chirp and make noises. Learn what to expect if you have a pet parakeet in this free pet care video. Expert: Elizabeth Cantu Bio: Elizabeth Cantu has owned and been working with parrots since 1994. She has been active in captive parrot rescue and rehabilitation. Filmmaker: julio costilla

25 Responses to “Caring for Parakeets : Native Sounds of Parakeets”

  1. TheREALDreadicus Says:

    @bullitt5135 pretty sure that’s a baby still growing feathers, but I could be wrong. Looks like it the way the feathers are around it’s neck.

    Good videos, have gotten a 2nd budgie to mate and be friends with my first little lady, this video series has been great to follow. It carries the same themes of care I’ve found in books and other online forums for budgies – I rate it A+ and worthy for a budgie owner or interested owner to watch.

  2. Scorpio270123 Says:

    Man! What a ninja at around 50 seconds!

  3. lolyali Says:

    i hate being responsible for things that are alive, cause if something happens i feel really bad 🙁

  4. bullitt5135 Says:

    I love how the budgie is all puffed up; it’s so CUTE 🙂

  5. MegaRandomHouse Says:

    good catch when she caught her parakeet

  6. adventuretime77 Says:

    why arent the “ums” in the subtitles????

  7. punkapie95 Says:

    my parakeet is very easy to understand…. he has videos on youtube!!

  8. maralmishka Says:

    @DeNiZ61 lol ikr 😀 mine is named sky (too young 2 tell wat gender)

  9. gabbyiloveclothes220 Says:

    I held mine and it shit on me.

  10. petpef Says:

    aww the little guy is so cute… i have 2 parakeets

  11. CoolParakeets Says:

    €v€ry0n€ pl€@s€ v!s!t my ch@nn€l! that would be awesome!
    and can u take? a second to rate this a thumbs up so the world could see?
    thanks so much!

  12. DeNiZ61 Says:

    Why the hell would anybody name their bird Bob

  13. B4Malfoy Says:

    @daddiesprincess100 Yup, you’re right. I also noticed that some tend to be very loud when they don’t get enough attention. For example, when the owner is away all day and comes back at 8 ‘o clock, a budgie tends to be very noisy through out the evening. ^^’

  14. daddiesprincess100 Says:


    thats okay 🙂 it all depends on the budgie! i have 2 budgies, and their really quiet, and my neighbor has ones from the same litter, and theyr LOUD. so, it really depends on weather or not your bird is a quiet or loud one, like humans 🙂

  15. kieran2209 Says:

    um um um um um um um um um um um lol

  16. thegungoesBOOM Says:

    @EDMisc i think he is scraggly because of when he fell

  17. thegungoesBOOM Says:

    @deadcitysundaymusic i do agree, but what if you have multiple dogs(as i do) and or cats loose in your house. also open windows or boiling pots and such are acidents waiting to happen.

  18. nobody110011 Says:

    thats exactly why you shouldnt clipp your birds wings…they will hit the ground, good thing she caught him,and get seriously injured

  19. nobody110011 Says:

    thats exactly why you shouldnt clipp your birds wings…they will hit the ground, good thing she caught him,and get seriously injured

  20. TheAndrea263 Says:

    wat if your parrakeet doesnt tweet or speak tat much cuz my parakeet Tootles only wisles and stuff like once a day 🙁

  21. VersionD12 Says:

    @deadcitysundaymusic Would i be able to do that if i have a cat? because he is an outdoor cat and sometimes he brings dead birds to the porch 😛

  22. PeregrineBF Says:

    @EDMisc It looks like a juvenile, I think she says it is in another vid. Not all the coverts have grown in yet.

  23. EDMisc Says:

    The budgie looks really scraggly! I have no doubt she takes good care of him, but is that from molting or are some birds just ruffled? My two males are always preening and look very sleek. Yet they are cowards and would never let a camera approach them like that without flying away. This one is curious about the camera. lol

  24. IAteTheMoldyCheese Says:

    My budgies won’t take a bath and sometimes their feathers get a little ruffled, can I just spray them with water and then they can be clean and not be fully soaked?

  25. flrockbandfreak Says:

    mine is non stop until 9 pm haha. when they go to sleep put a towel over their or its cage

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