Baby Alexandrine (RAA)

My beautiful, healthy and chirpy Alexandrine (RAA) parrot baby… In this video, he is happily chirping after having his afternoon food 🙂 Video Rating: 0 / 5

Baby Blue Quaker Parrots

4 Baby Blue Quaker for sale 0. Message us at for more information.

Baby Budgie

Baby budgie that i have growing bigger everyday there were 6 eggs but this was the only 1 that survived 🙁

Hand reared baby budgie

This is a 5 1 week old budgie which i got from my aviary about a week ago.I will upload another video soon and don’t forget to subscribe. Video Rating: 5 / 5

Baby Budgies

Baby Budgies Video Rating: 5 / 5

Parakeet feeding her baby

Keet stuffing her 2 day old fat baby. 2 have hatched and she has 3 more eggs getting ready to hatch. They hatch 2 days apart, just like she laid them. Video Rating: 5 / 5

Budgie rescue, maybe saddest ever

A tiny, barely recogniseable baby budgie was passed into my care. He was messed up. His poor little feathers were matted with a residue that was tacky, and so vile smelling that I gagged. He was pin thin, and vet visit confirmmed that he was approximately 1/5 of his natural body weight. BUT… There is […]

Parakeet Babies From Egg to Flight in 40 Days.wmv

Watch a clutch of parakeet eggs hatch and grow into feathered birds that fly, all in 40 days. Includes photographs, videos, and explanations. For teachers, home-school families, and folks who love cute baby birds!

Tingu Lutino Ringneck Parrot Hand Feeding – iPhone 4

TINGU – Lutino Ringneck Parrot Hand Feeding used Apple iPhon4 natural lighting.

Baby Budgies #4

Budgie update Video Rating: 5 / 5