Parakeets breeding and eggs

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Budgie laying eggs

this is a video of my budgie laying eggs ( in the process) for her very first time. my guess they are fertilized because there is a male and I’m not home for 7 hours of the day so they could have mated in that time. I have had my 2 budgies since september and […]

Parakeets Bonding

Two parakeets bonding with each other, preening and whatnot.

The Need to Breed

Despite having two other birds (a male and a female) available, Nick STILL prefers to “mate” with himself…earning him the nickname “Narcissus” ! It’s a shame because Daisy’s (the white and blue bird) kind of hot, isn’t she? By the way, Nick “Narcissus” just started doing this one day, and he hasn’t stopped since. He […]

Playful food for parrots, featuring Cockatiels and Budgies

Natural Environment Enrichment – Playful Food Options For Australian Parrots. In this i show my birds eating a variety of native Australian plants that parrots love, and also a few other fun food options to keep your feathered companion mentally and physically stimulated. If you have any questions please dont hesistate to ask!

Caring for Parakeets : Native Sounds of Parakeets

Parakeets love to chirp and make noises. Learn what to expect if you have a pet parakeet in this free pet care video. Expert: Elizabeth Cantu Bio: Elizabeth Cantu has owned and been working with parrots since 1994. She has been active in captive parrot rescue and rehabilitation. Filmmaker: julio costilla

My budgies mating

My 2 budgies mating, Lemon and Mango. Lemon is the male and Mango’s the girl =] Video Rating: 0 / 5

Indian Ringneck Dance

Indian ringneck doing mating dance to his reflection in a mirror Video Rating: 0 / 5

Budgies Which One is Male and Female??????

Please Tell Me Which One Of These Two Is Male Or Female(Blue or Yellow). Thanks Everyone.