Dharma my talking Alexandrine Parrot

Dharma is a 3 year old Alexandrine parrot. She loves to talk for the camera.

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  1. sivadharinipalanivel Says:

    i am having an alexandrine its 2 month old. i’ve fed it cerelac and chana dal but after somedays when we kept it in a cage it’s not eating properly. what can i do to make it eat ? also everyday me and my family? are training it to speak ! if we continue to train will it speak ? pls reply me !

  2. pratik khedekar Says:

    dose the female alexandrien talk? less as compared to male?

  3. ozwelshcobs Says:

    She loves? listening to other birds too

  4. Anne-Marie B Says:

    my 5week old male? alex and i are listening to Dharma and he is busy chatting back to her – i think hes in love!

  5. KimKimWilliamson Says:

    I have a rehomed Alex who is 3 yrs old. He came from a home that had cockatoos, lovebirds and Greys. he mimicks all thier noises, plus alot of his own and he has a pretty extensive vocabulary. He only talks when he? is angry, nervous or excited though. Otherwise he is a quiet, sweet man. Your girl is cute!!!! My guy was very interested in her video, LOL

  6. arsilan chaudhry Says:

    Hey i have an alexandrian, it is 8 months old and is not talking we recently baught him? 2 weeks ago can u tell me some tips to help him on his way ?

  7. ozwelshcobs Says:

    yeah :-)?

  8. ghagraunak Says:

    ohh 🙁
    but your alexandrine? is no less than a grey 😉

  9. ozwelshcobs Says:

    That is very cool, African greys are known as the best talkers so it isn’t surprising that he surpasses? his teacher 🙂 and African Greys are so beautiful but very expensive and rare here in Australia as you can’t legally import birds into Australia anymore.

  10. ghagraunak Says:

    I bought a grown up grey parrot who was not talking and after 3 months bought an alexandrine
    now the 5 month alexandrine talks and? by seeing him my grey has started to talk as well(surely far better than him)!

  11. coolaunry Says:

    and also, my baby bird makes too much noise. iT? was not this loud earlier. but now it is. Btw, do check out videos in my channel, i have a big cage for different birds 🙂

  12. coolaunry Says:

    I try to do that. Every one in my family says those words to the baby. But still the baby has not learned to come to me when itself. I have to pick it up and place it in my lap. he normally tries to run away. But once he gets in my lap, he will sit there for as long i am sitting. when did dharma start coming to you when you? called her?

  13. coolaunry Says:

    same? story as mine.

  14. ozwelshcobs Says:

    My third bird learned all his words from Dharma. He? says everything she does in exactly the same way.

  15. ozwelshcobs Says:

    @coolaunry in the first 12 months every possible minute you are? at home if possible. Have them with you or the cage near by. Talk to them, not at them. Talk in different pitches, especially words you want them to learn. Dharma was talking at 7 months old.

  16. coolaunry Says:

    how much time did you spend? i have a baby alexandrine. it was watching dharma :p I think it is 8? months or so.

  17. coolaunry Says:

    This happens a lot. I bought a grown up parrot. She used to speak already and didnt learn from me. i Got two baby parrots then, spoke to them? a lot. but they learnt from the grown up and learnt everything she said, in the same way.

  18. ozwelshcobs Says:

    depends on the time you spend interacting with them. The more you interact with them and talk to them the more likely they will talk. Dharma started talking at 7 months old and I was talking to her everyday from the time I got her at? 12 weeks old. You have to be interesting for them, give lots of love and talk to them and they will respond. My other Alex started talking at about 5 months but he doesn’t talk to me as he learned to talk from Dharma not me.

  19. rhapsodyofthecat Says:

    When do the alexadrines start talking? I haven’thad mine for a long time and I am curious as to when he will start to talk. Thanks for you help.!?

  20. NicholasPiano Says:

    super? cute! great vid. 🙂

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