Disco Sings the Stones – and Prospers

“Live long and prosper,” says Disco, and he sings “Shadoobay, shattered, shattered,” “I can’t get no satisfaction,” and says “Bird to your mother,” and “I’ve…
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13 Responses to “Disco Sings the Stones – and Prospers”

  1. terceldude Says:

    He? is a gay olllllllllllll bird! 🙂

  2. OckelBellySam Says:

    What seems to be the? professor??

  3. Kahazzzz Says:

    hahahah what seems to be prosperrrr????????????? hahah

  4. aebrailsford Says:

    disco? cracks us up

  5. MsJumpinJude Says:

    It is very interesting to us (and me, especially, as a lover and student of languages. grammars, etc.) that he replaces parts of speech with the correct/same parts of speech, and it’s great you noticed it, too.? I was told that it is thought that budgies “understand” the grammar, even if they don’t know what we’re saying. He even does this with languages other than English (which is the primary language he hears at home) when he’s learned a phrase from, for example, Swedish. It’s very cool.

  6. prof4hele Says:

    Disco is a lovely parakeet. I’m impressed with his performance.
    But what most intrigued? me replacing words by others of the same function.
    Disco is a lovely parakeet. I’m impressed with his performance.
    But what intrigues me most is the replacement of words by others with the same function. Chomsky’s universal grammar?

  7. escalantemelo Says:


  8. Jasonvoor Says:

    ~and prosper!?

  9. Sana AB Says:

    So cute laughing he made?

  10. clochette67 Says:

    Funny bay-be-biiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrdddd !! ;)?

  11. MsJumpinJude Says:

    (LOL, I thought I had seen the comment and replied, but then did not see the reply until AFTER I replied back again -? my apologies!)

  12. MsJumpinJude Says:

    Thank you – you are so kind! I am glad you enjoy Disco so? much, and I hope your sweetie tiel enjoyed him, too!

  13. MsJumpinJude Says:

    I will tell him? – he’ll be happy!

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