Do Parakeets that have mated follow each other everywhere around the cage?

Question by Grant T: Do Parakeets that have mated follow each other everywhere around the cage?
I have a male and female parakeet. They feed each other copy each others movements preen each other…etc…I know that my female is a female because it has layed infertile eggs in the past…My male is a year and a half years old and has a dark blue cere…I think they are mates now but they are not ALWAYS together(they are sometimes on different perches)…If they were mated would they be with each other ALL the time?? Please help!

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Answer by Matia
i doubt they would be together all the time its fine if their seperate for a little

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  1. sr10 Says:

    i had a same prob i knowed tht i have a female but dint know the other is male or not usually the shopkeppers even dont know they just have to sell wht they have got the best thing is In normal variety males the cere will be blue or purplish.
    If your budgie is recessive pied, fallow, lacewing, lutino, or dark-eyed clear then the cere will be bright purple or ping.

    All female budgie varieties develop a white, tan, or brown cere. The brown ceres tend to be flaky and thick.

    Some experts also agree that there are some behavior differences between budgie sexes. While this isn’t scientific evidence that they’re either a male or a female it can help in the parakeet gender identification process. Behavior differences include:

    Male Parakeets:

    -Head bobbing
    -More Singing
    -More Active and Social

    Female Parakeets:

    -Don’t generally sing

  2. laureldbz Says:

    no would you? My Budgies spend about 23 or their day time preening or the boy following her around then she gets tired of it and flies to other side of cage if he follows she pecks him he then leaves her alone for an hour or so and it starts again but if she takes off right away he just sings and talks to her from across the cage until she is ready to be friendly again they do generally sit up close at night tho as soon as the lights go down and I am covering cages she flies to him. All our Cockatiels behave pretty close to the same way so she is likely just telling him to slow down

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