does anyone know how to stop a pet parakeet from biting me?

Question by john: does anyone know how to stop a pet parakeet from biting me?
everytime i stick my hand in the cage to change toys, the parakeet will bite me.

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Answer by Bobbie F
You need a hand raised bird, not a wild thing like you have.

Get the bird out of the cage. Trim it’s flight feathers. Take it into another room and begin the long road to taming her.

Good luck.

Buy a hand raised bird next time.

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  1. Jack S Says:

    That’s probably a tweety bird. Get sylvester to take care of it.

  2. a nonny mouse Says:

    Try not to pull away when it bites you. If it can tell that biting won’t hurt you it will stop. When you know your bird trusts you it won’t bite hard but may do something like biting. The bird does not actually consider this as biting but wants to show its affection to you by “preening” your hand as it would do another bird. If it bites hard that is not “preening”. Try to get it to trust you.

  3. birdcrazy Says:

    First you need to figure out why the bird bites you.Assuming this is a tame bird –
    What are you doing when he bites? He has his reason and you need to know the why.

    Some reason’s for a bird biteing –
    he senses we are emotional and picks up on that emotion
    he was playing or eating & didn’t want picked up then
    he is just not in the mood to be bothered,go back in 5 mins. and he may be ok
    you surprised, thus frightened him.
    he doesn’t like the color clothes you have on,or your hair is wet or a different color
    the list goes on & on.

    Observe your bird every time before going to him. Learn the signs the bird gives and then respect his rights
    Always talk to him before approching and say Step up as you offer your finger, then always reward the behavior with Good Bird or Boy.
    Never -ever yell at or talk mean to a bird. Birds don’t understand punishment like say dogs do.You can say calmly: nooooo.
    Praise, on the other hand they do understand so cheerfully say Good Bird when he does good behaviors.

    Learn to know your bird well, he gives signs of his emotions, learn them and both you and the bird will benifit.

    Also, hormonal birds are miserable at that time and may bite. Males get very agressive and do bite, so when they are this way, don’t handle them.

    Search for more information on species and behavior’s at web listed below.

  4. culpz Says:

    establish who’s “boss”. Don’t act scared or it will continue biting. Talk to it in a gentle voice.

    If that does not work, clip it wings and transfer to another cage, if no cage, let it flutter off to someplace else.

    Hope this helps.

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