good parakeet food ? …………………?

Question by : good parakeet food ? …………………?
okay i dont want to give it something that will make it obese
so im looking for the one that is BEST for it i mean BEST okay no cheap food
i think my parakeet deserves best so i was wondering what is the HEALTHIEST,and delicious for my birdie cuz i know healthy isnt always good so a really good mix of pellets and veggies and seeds and it wont eat any thing from my refrigirator it just eats the regular birdie diet so im looking for the best know so i can just give it that for its whole life and ofcourse other treats but one mix that is best and i can give it to my bird without killing it or getting it into a disease thanks you so much ! green parakeet
i just left a half an orange in its cage and it was eating it 🙂

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Answer by Mr. Clever
“Browns” Parakeet food is the BEST.

$ 14 will give you a good 1-3 month’s supply, accompany that with a little millet every night, and some other treats as well.

My bird would not eat Kaytee, or any other “brand-name” bird food for 2 days, I was so scared; I found this food in my supermarket one night, and guess what? He ate every last piece of it.

no additives,no chemicals, nothing, just pure natural bird food the way God intended.

Good luck and let me know how this works out for you.

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