halp! my budgie is tres picky…i just bought him a bag of food he won’t eat. >=[ grr…?

Question by Chocolate~breath~mint: halp! my budgie is tres picky…i just bought him a bag of food he won’t eat. >=[ grr…?
I bought him a bag of hagen’s original, the kind that looks bland… do you have any food that your budgie rly likes? the price is not an issue as long it’s not anything much too expensive. he isn’t fond of plain and bland things but he isn’t fond of very loud and colorful food either.

thank u all!!


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Answer by William S
Is this a new bird? How old is it? Are you certain the bird is fully weaned. Sometimes a young bird will revert back to wanting to be hand fed and if this is the case you need to get it to someone who knows how to do this.

If you have had the bird for a while and it has decided not to eat then it needs to be seen by your vet.

Birds are suspicious of new things and it may take a while for it to accept a new food, for this reason you should never run out of the food it was eating and introduce the new food slowly, put it in a treat dish along side the old food. I would also keep spray millet in the cage, all birds love this and it is very nutritious.

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  1. ms bell Says:

    I buy my budgies Kay Tee Forti-Diet Parakeet seed. They eat it up like crazy. I buy my finches the same brand, and they eat it up, too. I buy my bird food at Petco. Try some millet, too. All my birds love their millet. I buy some banana and orange flavored millet over the internet at http://www.drsfosterandsmith.com. Try getting your budgie to eat some fruits and vegetables, too. You want to keep him healthy, as well as happy. You can offer the fruits and veggies to the budgies in a bowl, or clip some, like broccoli, on the side of the cage. All budgies are different, so you just have to experiment with them to see what they like to eat.

  2. jesusfreek14321 Says:

    i feed mine just the basic food from heb..but also offer them some fruits and veggies! no chocolate or avocado! poisonous to birds! you can also at some pet stores find free samples of foods. and try that! hope this helps!

  3. Donald L Says:

    -Anytime you introduce new foods to birds, you must do so slowly. They do not like change. If he has been on seeds, this will take a lot of time to try to get him to try pellets. Pellets are the best for him, but if he is used to seeds, that may be very difficult! Try going to a local bird only store. They may be able to give you small samples of differing foods to try. Then, when he likes one, that is what you can stick with.

    Also, don’t forget about fresh fruits/veggies. Good for them, and many love certain ones. Again, trial and error!

  4. PrincessPink Says:

    When he gets hungry, he’ll eat it. Don’t spoil him.

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