Help us help our budgie!

11 days ago we purchased a sweet 4-month old “hand-fed” budgie. The bird was in a flight w/ many others, but we had been told he’d been hand-fed and just needed to be re-aquainted with people. It’s been close to 2 weeks and we work with the bird for at least 45 minutes a day so he will “step up” on our (or our 12 year old’s) finger.  The bird isn’t left alone much– and if so, there is classical music playing. He seems so sad. I know budgies need to socialize and have a flock, but I was told that the bird would eventually bond with us. It’s heartbreaking to see him so sad. He doesn’t chirp nor make any sounds. We haven’t let him out of the cage because he isn’t finger trained, but now I think we should let him out. I tried the first day to bring him out of the cage because the woman who’d raised him said she recommends 15 minutes of cuddle time twice a day. When I tried, he bit me and drew blood– poor little guy was so scared. I don’t blame him…but now I’m thinking he’ll never warm up to us. We want him to be happy, but we also traveled over 2 hours to get a bird that was “used to people”.  Help!

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