How can my parakeet build a trust with me?

Question by Mustafa H: How can my parakeet build a trust with me?
I got my 2 parakeet a day ago(March 24, 2007). I try to make sure it can trust me. And I really want to make it come on my hand. How do you think I can build the trust and how long do you think it will take? So my main question is how can I train my bird to let it sit on my hand and trust me?

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Answer by Morbid_Engel
Yes! I have a parakeet who will sit in my hand and on my shoulder for 10-20 min. at a time. She’s real loving. You just need to spend time with yours everyday and show them how much s/he means to you!


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  1. Kelsey N Says:

    well, i used to have about 15 parakeets, i had to get rid of them though, but anyways. I had someone clip their wings then i would shut the door and leave their door open so they could come out, after they got used to me being around and everything they weren’t that shy of me, then i started to hold out my hand with food so they’d eat outa my hand then they started to just come to me and get on my hand then make their way up my shoulder……it’s not that hard, it takes a few weeks though.

  2. Sabbes Says:

    Patience!!! Just put your hand into the cage without doing anything else….one day he will step up on it….we had several parakeets and it varied from being immediately tame to the one we have now it took almost a year…, but he is so tame now that he even plays soccer with a little Playmobil soccer ball on the floor etc…
    We also put his cage on the floor when he was new and it was playtime and then we opened the cage door and we were laying all on the floor pushing little soccer balls around or bird toys…eventually he came out and played. Good luck! Always be gentle and talk to him!! They love that!

  3. budgie breeder 101 Says:

    you have to be extremely gentle. I would train one, them the other. You can put them in separet cages to make it easier, if possible.

    1 try to put your hand in the cage, but don’t touch him. if he flies away, try again in about 15 min. repeat until he doesn’t fly away.

    2 the next day, or week, when he is comfy with you hand in the cage, start stretching it around and opening and closing it.

    3 after he is comfortable with 2, probably about a day, and doesn’t fly away, hold a small perch in your hand and move it towards him. if he flies away, try again in a few min.

    4 after he is comfortable with that, move the perch rite above his feet, and say step up, wile gently pushing up on his abdomen. he should step up hold him there a few min. then put him back on his solid perch and leave him alone. this shows him that this thing really isn’t so bad, and that it is safe to sit on.

    5 next, after doing step 4 for about a day, every 15 min or so, get a short perch, about as long as your finger, and hold it with your finger on top, do step 4.

    6 then do it w/o the perch. gradually move out of the cage, out of the room, to a different floor, until he is OK with it all. i wouldn’t keep i longer than 5 min. out of his cage. the next day, add a min. to get it up to 6 min. next day, 7. animals need this gradual adjustment. it may seem to be taking forever, but he needs that. Good luck!

  4. Brian Says:

    its really easy i had 4 parakeets growing up and all you do is stick you’re index finger against its chest and say up when it goes up give it a treat they really like millet spray which you can buy at wall-mart in the pets section do this for a couple weeks and it will just come up whenever its told unless it really doesnt want to like if its tired.

  5. sapphire Says:

    first of all you dont make any fast movements to the point where it gets scarred……and just give it time……dont forse it to do something it doesnt want to do!!!

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