How do I care for my parakeet that is laying eggs?

Question by hotmama: How do I care for my parakeet that is laying eggs?
My parakeet has layed four eggs in the past two weeks. Her last egg was layed a few hours ago. What are the chances of them or any hatching? If they do, what does the baby bird eat? Also, does the male have to sit on the eggs at all? Thanks!

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Answer by Shayna
all if them ahould hatch to care for the mother parakeey but a warm colth over her and dont touch the eggs plz she will tear them up which is kill them

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  1. Budgielover Says:

    I assume she mated with a male parakeet? If so, then it’s possible that the eggs are fertile (have a baby inside). Female birds will lay eggs even if there’s no male around, but the eggs laid in that situation are unfertile and don’t have babies inside. Even if the eggs are infertile, don’t remove them! Birds instinctively lay more eggs to replace the ones they lost, so if you throw out a “dud” egg, mommy bird will lay another to replace it, which depletes her calcium levels and can make her very sick. Mommy bird needs to replace the calcium she lost when laying the eggs, so make sure she has access to a cuttlebone and egg biscuits, both which can be found at your local pet store. If the eggs do hatch, the mother bird will feed her babies with regurgitated food. Birds have a little “pouch” in their throat called a crop. When a bird eats, some of the food can be stored in the crop, and the bird can bring it back up later. That’s how birds feed each other. You may have seen your adult parakeets feeding each other that way to show affection. Usually, daddy bird feeds the mommy (mommy rarely leaves the nest), and the mommy feeds the babies. You shouldn’t have to feed or care for the youngsters, the parents should care for them by themselves. If you have any other questions, it’s probably a good idea to give your vet a phone call. Veterinarians are always more qualified to answer your questions! 😉 Good luck with the eggs!

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