how do i get my budgies to breed?

Question by blaze: how do i get my budgies to breed?
How can i get my budgies to breed?
i have 4 pairs and two nestboxes all of them are pairs but all they seem to do is kiss but never mate. one mele puts one leg on top of a femail but she bites him and gets him off. how can i make them breed?
they all bathe eachother. each of them have a mate 4 pairs will they breed if i keep them in a cage with only 2 nestboxes? the hens get in the nest boxes from time to time.

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Answer by ladycockatiel
Well first of all a breeding pair should be in their own cage alone away from the other parakeets. So 8 birds in one cage with 2 boxes are going to start some DEADLY fights among the females and only the winner of those fights will survive. I suggest placing those 2 birds you want to have babies into another cage with a box by themselves. You can’t MAKE any kind of birds breed. They are like any other species needing to be bonded before that is going to happen. Your females are not allowing the males to breed them because they know with 8 birds in 1 cage with 2 boxes is going to cause trouble and they don’t want to breed in those conditions. Get 2 more cages, only place 1 pair in there you want to breed with 1 box to each 2 birds in each cage. Your birds will do the rest after you supply them with the right kind of caging and conditions TO have babies in. 8 birds to 1 cage is way to many birds in 1 cage as it is.

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  1. Pigeonboy Says:

    First off you can breed parakeets in a colony situation if you do it right. You need a cage that is large enough for four pair of breeders and their babies. So roughly you need room for 28 birds at any one time. Four pair of breeders in one cage need to have six to eight nesting boxes in there for them to choose from. The cage needs to be about 3′ x 3′ square x 5′ long The more nest you can put on the cage the better. I would put 8-10 if I was going to colony breed.

    They will breed very well in individual cages. I use
    a cage that is 12″ x 12″ x 16″. I use 1/2″ x 1″ welded wire. I wash the wire down with white vinegar when ever I break a pair up and reuse the cage. I also know of a lot of people who breed their birds in flights. They are usually interested in numbers rather than color and stature.

    The problem you encounter with a parakeet is that some of them if you don’t breed the by the time they are two years old they don’t want to breed. They will mate up and go in their nest from
    time to time but no eggs.

    Parakeets are sparked into breeding condition but the abundance of grain crops for them to eat. They are not controlled by the number of daylight hours. Take an egg and put it in a small bowl. Beat the egg with a fork until it is mixed real well. Then put it in the microwave for 40 seconds. When it has cooked mash it with the tines of the fork. Put this in the cage for the birds to eat.

    I leave the birds in the big flight cage until I see brown ceres on the females and deep blue ceres on the males. Then I put them in a breeding cage.

    Feed them about 1/2 teaspoon of the mashed up egg every day. This will increase the protein in their diet. I also keep a dish of Petamine along side their usual amount (1tbl spn per bird per day) of seed. I use a 60/40 mixture of White millet and canary seed. A few weeks of eating high on the hog and they will lay if they are going to breed.

    In the wild parakeets will nest in big colony trees. There will be hundreds of pairs. They are stimulated somewhat by the keet chatter. I don’t know if eight birds are enough or not. There are exceptions to the rules.

  2. Dave Womach Says:

    Here are sites for resources on breeding budgies;

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