How do I get my young budgie to eat budgie starter?

Question by sweetestbudgie: How do I get my young budgie to eat budgie starter?
I have a budgie that’s just over 6 weeks old. A few days before I got him I went to Pets World to get some budgie pellets but they didn’t have any in stock so I bought budgie starter. He eats seed, honey stick and dandilian thistles. I’ve tryed to give him budgie starter, apple and grape. I put a piece of corn in his cage but I don’t know if he ate it. Help! I’m going to put him on a pellet diet when he’s older. But of couse lots of fruit and vegies as well.

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Answer by Katie C
My bird didnt like the pellet food that I got him either, but he would eat treats and fruits when he was little. I found out that if I put a bowl of water(he was drinking out of one of those water bottles for small animals) he would put his food in it to soften it up a little before he ate it. Are the budgie pellets the hard kind? Is his food right next to his water? If it is and he still is not eating the pellets. I would suggest just putting the pellets in and maybe no honey sticks or treats. Just for a little while so that he can get used to the taste of the pellets. Birds can be very picky sometimes and wont give food a chance, but since small birds have such high metabolisms they will get hungry very fast. I hope this helped you out.:-)

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  1. purple_charmer27 Says:

    Bird are fantastic, they can eat almost anything you can eat and like dogs no chocolate. I think that if you want you parakeet to do well, try feeding it foods approipriate to its size, grapes and apples a just a little too big, try feeding it little pieces of turkey or chicken, maybe some ham, and they love pasta. I don’t recomend pellet diets the just don’t get the nutritution they would from a fruit and seed diet.

    Try hand feeding him.

  2. mgutz Says:

    Here is an article that might help you. It is from and it addresses raising budgies. I hope that it helps.

  3. firestarter Says:

    Hey there. I had difficulty for awhile. My Quaker took 20 weeks to wean. Oh Lawd! What worked, I thought was BS. No way, until I tried it. Eat the new food in front of your bird and act enthusiastic like “This is sooo goood. Uh huh, Ooo baby, yummy!” You are flock leader and that sweet bird of yours will follow your lead. It really works. Had I known earlier. My ignorance delayed weaning. Now though, if I eat anything in front of my bird, she says “Want some chow-chow? want some?” Too funny. They can make word meaning associations. Smarter than I thought. Really act out in front of your bird. You may also have to teach the bird to bathe. I flicked the warm water in a sink with my fingers and started to laugh and say things like Weeee! Oh boy!!!. my bird started to have fun in the water. Before I discovered this, she just sat there looking up at me. Things will get better and you have a great experience.

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