how do i know if my parakeet has egg bound? ?

Question by meli_ali44: how do i know if my parakeet has egg bound? ?
my female parakeet is look like this right now AND today is 10/18/2008
so she sing and move around alot and she always goin to her nestbox all the time and she cams back and go in again and again….i check there is no egg….
and her vent is like this ………..
and she poops watery and its 10 times bigger then the male poops hahah lol is that normal?
and how do i know she is egg bound and when she goin to lay her eggs…..please please help and she chows the Cuttle Bone alot yeah……so help tell me if she is egg bound or now …she moves around alot and she goin to her nest box alot and cams back and again again again……. she eats right and she eats vegetables tooo so yeah…..please help tell me is my female is oki or what??
and please put some pictures that i kno cuz i dont know by words like swollen vent something like that please send me the pic of it thanks

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Answer by biscuitsmybabyboy14
through the pictures it looks to me that she is holding an egg but could be wrong. it take 10 days for the first egg to be laid then she lays the rest every 2nd day. she is no egg bound signs of this are things like sitting on the bottom of the cage fluffed up and being alot less active. she looks like a very healthy hen so all should be fine. make sure you feed her egg food aswell which is a hard boiled egg grated and can also add other grated veg to it.

hope this helps

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  1. Mando Says:

    If she was egg bound, she would be on the bottom of the cage, fluffed up on the corner perhaps avoiding all other birds and people. She looks beautiful and very attentive, she does not show signs of being egg bound.

  2. Beth P Says:

    Looks like she may have egg in there. But if she is showing no sign of egg bound then I would watch her close. If she starts to pant, fluff, sit on bottom of cage then I would worry. For now I would increase the calcium in diet through cuttle bone, crushed oyster shell, and hard boiled eggs chopped up with shells on them if she will eat that. I would also increase the humidity in the room she is in with a warm moist humidifier. If she does become egg bound humidity can help her pass egg as can getting a q-tip with a little mineral oil on tip and rub around vent. Very careful though not to touch or crack egg. Best bet is take to vet if becomes egg bound. You will know she will show symptoms. Good luck. 🙂

  3. Phoenix™ Says:

    Your hen appears to be an active bird, and she may not be egg-bound. Egg binding occurs when the egg does not pass through the reproductive system at a normal rate. (I had one budgie that was egg-bound, she was a very brave bird. She died after laying the egg that was stuck inside her for a long time…) Just to be sure, take her to an avian vet for an examination. You can look up here:

    But just watch her, these are some signs of egg-binding that I noticed from my hen:
    1. She stays in the bottom, making egg-laying gestures and tries very hard to lay.
    2. Her breathing is heavy, she pants as she breathes.
    3. Her tail noticeably bobs up and down when she breathes.
    4. She has a swollen vent for a considerable period of time like for 2-3 weeks.
    5. She will be depressed and loses her appetite.
    Read more in here: (Lots of info on egg-binding.)

    See this X-ray of an egg-bound bird, with an egg stuck inside the body:

    Here’s a site with a picture of an egg-bound budgie:

    Your hen also looks like she has an egg in there… Just continue feeding her with leafy vegetables, and scrambled eggs for the protein. Also, make sure she gets a lot of calcium, especially on the week that she forms an egg inside her. If she remains active and alert, you should not worry, and expect some eggs soon.
    As for the signs of a budgie about to lay eggs, I have already answered it in one of your questions:(Thank you for choosing my answer.);_ylt=Aid2WfeB_AEU_y8J7IiQsQ7sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081014084857AANopis&show=7#profile-info-FijApyXiaa

    Hope this helps…! Good luck with your birds!

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