How do i tell if my Budgie (Parakeet) is a boy or a girl?

Question by This Ugly Yet Beautiful World: How do i tell if my Budgie (Parakeet) is a boy or a girl?
I know you can tell by the color of their beaks, but the color of my birds beak doesn’t match the description of the colors of the boy or girl budgie beaks. Help?

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Answer by Olivia
The only way to find the sex of a bird is through DNA testing.

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  1. Kenny Says:

    I think it’s the color of the aria above their beaks where there nostrils are . Light blue for boys and not light blue for girls .

  2. J.Li Says:

    Is your parakeet still young? If it still has its head strips on the front then it is too young to tell. Generally, males tend to sing more and play around in their environment. Females can be moody and mostly quite. When it gets older you can tell by its cere which is the colored bar above its beak. If its blue or almost purple then its male. If its flaky and brown or cream/pink then it is female. If you really would like to know the only way would be a dna test at an avian vet.

  3. Jeezy Says:

    Penis or not

  4. Roger Says:

    A mature male’s (over 4 to 6 months old) cere will be royal blue in most cases and a female’s cere will be a dark brown or tan.

    For a younger budgie (less than 6 months old) :If your young budgie’s cere develops the brown flaky appearance characteristic of female budgies you can be sure it is a female. You can also look at behavior to determine gender. Males often bob their heads, sing, and are usually more active and outgoing. Females are usually snitty and bossy over other budgies in the cage, and rarely sing.

    Hope it helps 🙂

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