How much time does it take for a parakeet to feel comfortable in a new home?

Question by Miss T: How much time does it take for a parakeet to feel comfortable in a new home?
We bought our first pair of parakeets just yesterday. They still look very scared, they do not eat or drink and just sit on the same branch. We are so worried about them! Please share your experience.
Thank you.

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Answer by helixburger
Stay near, talk to them quietly, and play soft music, and the tension will decrease each day. No loud noises or yelling!

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  1. Falcon Boy Toy Says:

    Leave in a pre-heated oven at 350 degrees for 10 minutes and they should be very comfortable if not welldone.

  2. B.E. Says:

    It may take awhile for them to become used to their new home.They might settle in in a few days.You can talk softly to them and even begin finger training them,but remember to move slowly.Birds are usually prey-animals so they are very aware of fast movements.You can point out their food and water cups to them,even sprinkle some food on the floor leading to the cups if you are not sure they are eating.
    FALCON BOY TOY you have been reported for abuse.You are not funny,but you are very immature!
    Go to for more bird-related advice.They even sell manuals on parakeets that will help you learn about your new friends.

  3. Kris Says:

    It won’t take long. They need to get their bearings to their new environment, the new sounds, smells and routines. I have a Jenday Conure and it was probably within a couple of weeks he was settled. And like it was mentioned, talk to them, also get a routine for them started, like covering the cage the same time every night. Change the food and water dishes at the same time or close to if possible. Jack (my jenday) and I always have playtime before it’s night night time for him. He will hang off my finger upside down, or flip over on his back on a pillow and I will “rub” is birdie belly. It’s our bonding time.
    It may seem like forever, but let them lead the pace of comfort. Curiosity is too strong for them to stay shy too long.


  4. englishcountrygarden17 Says:

    7 days

  5. Good Guy Says:

    Well….I have had over 6 years experience in owning parakeets, feel free to ask anything……It usually takes a couple of days to adjust to the new place they are put in….It is very normal….Just provide a good spot to put their cage in so that they feel comfortable…Don’t put them in very noisy places……The living room would be a good place…..Good Luck

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