How to get my new Parakeet to start chirping?

Question by kvnniv: How to get my new Parakeet to start chirping?
I just got a blue parakeet last sunday. I know that it takes a few days for the birds to get used to their new environments, but he has just been sitting in the same spot doing nothing except for the occasional meal, making no noise. Is there something that I can do that will make him happier and begin to chirp? Any music or certain toys that parakeets love that makes them happier?

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Answer by Eric Young
try giving him some millet spray and some toys 🙂 good luck!

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  1. :D Says:

    Mirrored toys and swings with bells. Makes them happy and talkative, it might take a while. Since its in a new environment. Maybe buy it a partner if its the only bird 🙂 Here is an idea

  2. Grigor Harisi Says:

    Unless u want to have it talk and have it tame don’t get a mate or a mirror for him/she. U hav only had him 3 days right. Mine started chirping on the second day I got him, because I went on YouTube and let him listen to some chirping parakeets. BoYy he got excited. Then he will realize I can chirp here 2. I am working on teaching mine to whistle different tunes. Yur budgie will start to move around his cage when he gets used to it. All budgies r different. Put yur hand in the cage but don’t touch it or don’t do this if it still doesn’t really know u. Put one of your fingers close to it. It’s head feathers should start to puff up. This is very boring so get yourself into a comfterble position and hold your hand in there for atleast 10 minutes. They r curius so by doing this it knows your hand is safe. Once it is used to ur hand hand feed it. Don’t need to be worried at all it’s getting used to it’s cage. It will like u later, move alot, chirp, whistle, and possibly talk.

    Best luck 2 u and yur Parakeet:)))))))!!

  3. Olena3 Says:

    When I first got my budgie, I read out loud from a book to her. That got her used to my voice and by the second day, she was happily making noise. Budgies love company and by spending time with him and getting him used to your voice, he will gladly make accompanying noise and bond with you really fast.

  4. Arie Says:

    One of the best ways I have found to get your new budgie to start singing is while near her whistle. They will start talking in no time. More than anything if he is new just be patient. Have fun with him. Good luck!

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