Is my parakeet afraid of his new toy?

Question by NY Help: Is my parakeet afraid of his new toy?
I just got a parakeet 2.5 weeks ago and recently bought him a toy parakeet to put in his cage. Since I put the toy in the cage my bird stands in the same position as the toy bird and just stares at it. Should I take it out of the cage or not worry about it?

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Answer by Xander
Take it out if you’ve got enough time to spend with him yourself…if not, then maybe he’d be better off with a real playmate.

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  1. Miss Kayla Says:

    Often, parrots are fearful of new toys or any other new items placed in their cages or even around the house near their cages. It is not unusual for a bird to require a couple of weeks to investigate a new item added to their play area. This doesn’t have to be the case, even with parrots that are not fully tamed. This technique will work with tame parrots very, very quickly and with untamed ones remarkably well.

    Step 1: Let the Parrot See the Toy

    Upon bringing the new toy home, or better yet after making a new one, show it to your parrot while sitting or standing a good distance from the bird’s cage or play area. Just hold it up and look at it; don’t shake it or make it move in any way. Just let the bird see that you have something in your hand or hanging from your hand.

    Step 2: Bring the Toy Near

    Shortly after showing the toy, either later that same day or the next day, sit or stand near your parrot’s cage with the toy in hand. Be comfortable in your physical posture. Smile and show that you are happy. Stroke the new toy. Most importantly, place the toy near your mouth as if you were chewing on it. Of course, you don’t want to actually place the toy in your mouth, but you can certainly mimic the activity closely. All the time, smile and talk softly to your bird.

    The fact that you place the toy near your mouth and face says to your parrot “this object is safe and will not bite you”. Your smile expresses that you like the toy and the parrot, too.

    Step 3: Play with the Toy and the Parrot Together

    Now, this step is for those people who have tame parrots that come out and interact with them freely. If your parrot is not tame, skip to the next step and ignore this one.

    When the parrot is outside the cage playing with you, bring the toy near the bird. Again, place it near your mouth. Fondle the toy and smile. Tell the parrot that the toy is fun to play with in soft loving words. It doesn’t matter what exactly you say, just make the experience pleasing for your parrot.

    Step 4: Place the Toy in the Cage or Play Area

    Now is the right time to place the toy where you want it to reside inside the cage or on the parrot’s play stand or play tree. Let your bird see you attaching the toy securely to the play area you have selected. Again stroke the toy and again place it near your mouth. Then leave your parrot to check out the new toy.

    For some parrots, they may still wait a day or even two before accepting the new item, but they will not wait long. The fact that you have introduced the toy as a non-threatening object in a very calm and loving manner will help your parrot accept the change and want to get its beak and claws on the toy much sooner.

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