Is parakeet food safe for cockatiels?

Question by spirithawk06: Is parakeet food safe for cockatiels?
I just realized that the mixture I bought to add to Soren’s (my 6 month old Whiteface pearl cockatiel) feed is for parakeets. It has all the same things that the cockatiel mix had minus the sunflower seeds. I was trying to find a mix that didn’t have a lot of sunflower seeds. He already has sunflower seeds in his regular seed mixture and I try to pick out as much as I can because I have been told by several people, an avian expert included that they are high in fat. Does it really make that much of a difference if he gets fed parakeet food? The mix I bought was Ecotrition Grains and Greens Variety Blend. It has a lot of dehydrated vegetables in it along with seeds and is fortified with vitamins that is the only way I can get him to eat vegetables as of yet. The only difference between this one and the one that was for cockatiels was the sunflower seeds from what I can see but I don’t have a container to look at. Does it make that much difference?

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Answer by diva_dejavu_again
Yes it is very good for them

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  1. waitingtoexist Says:

    Yes parakeet food is safe but an all seed diet IS NOT HEALTHY FOR BIRDS.

    Please check out this websites page on bird diet.

  2. bean.frizz Says:

    I have 2 cockatiels. Ones name is bird *how orrignal* and the others is Tiki. I can say in my experince with them, no it doesn’t matter! Also if ur soo concerned about ur birds health try picking up some flavored seed sticks at the pet store and millet spray… ive found my birds love those. They also like eggs with cheese which is good for them. My birds eat at the table with us. They love wheat chips, regular chips, stew, soup, noodles. all that stuff is good for them. They also love getting their neck rubbed and it helps relax them.

    Tip: cockatiels can’t see at night in the dark, its good to have a nightlight for them.

  3. Nicole Says:

    They are pretty much the same thing…parrott food has bigger nuts/seeds and is a little different, but essentially they are the same. There is no harm in giving it to them, however they would probably prefer bigger nuts(e.g. sunflower seeds) As well as fresh fruit/vegetables (please check a list of harmfull foods to birds before giving them any human food ^_^)

    -Nicole =]

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