Leigh the budgie enjoys some silverbeet

Leigh took some time out of his day, stopped mating with that bloody perch, hopped on my hand, and ate some silverbeet. After the video was taken, however, he was back to old tricks. And went back to mating. With his favourite thing. That bloody PERCH!
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9 Responses to “Leigh the budgie enjoys some silverbeet”

  1. musicluvaa4833 Says:

    Agh how do you get them to like you??? Mine back away even if i get close to the cage…O_O

  2. budgielove60789 Says:

    Yes, lol, I knew. Sorry, I mean that they were born in Australia!

  3. destroyahdes Says:

    “Made in Australia!”
    That doesn’t matter. My budgies are in America but they’re still English Budgies. Learn to take a compliment.

  4. budgielove60789 Says:

    Hah! Made in Australia! People often say that- the birds I breed often have beautiful colours or showbird features.

  5. destroyahdes Says:

    Big English budgies. That’s a gorgeous blue he has.

  6. budgielove60789 Says:

    Don’t let Boris hear you say that!

  7. Shauniewaunieee Says:

    Thats the coolest thing I’ve ever seen XD Boris is now second coolest 😛

  8. budgielove60789 Says:

    If you build up it’s confidence with you being near you, it may one day be like Leigh.
    If you know you’re budgies favourite food then try to coax it near you with that.

  9. halomarine101 Says:

    mine isnt tame like that.hope mine can be like yours

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