My New baby Budgie

Hi there,
I recently got my new baby budgie, I assume he is between 6 and 8 weeks (He is still developing the colour on his nose).
When i saw him at the pet shop he was very lively, active and would stick his head by the bars to get scratched. When i brought him home and set up his new cage he would climb on my hand and fall asleep. He seems to go through periods where he’s really active and pacing up and down the bottom of the cage,climbing around, and ‘flying’ from perch to perch, and then after 20mins he will settle down and nap for a while and then go back to being active. He also sleeps on the bottom of the cage. Are these this normal?

He  loves being by people and having human contact, but when you put him back in the cage he paces back and forth and does back flips and climbs up and down the bars looking at you like he wants to come out. Is this normal as well? or do i just have a very clingy bird?

And Lastly, I know he’s young and everything but he always seems to have wet poo stains on the feathers around his bum, but he has solid dropping for the most part. Is the normal? will he grow out of it? should i try washing it with a damp towel?

He dosent eat a lot but i’ve given him a pretty wide variety of foods from normal budgie seed to vegetables and greens, but he just nibbles a bit from everything and eats a few seeds here and there, cant say iv seen him sitting at the food dish eating, rather he eats the seeds that are laying on the floor of his cage. He dosent seem to sit up straight on the perches, not sure if that is a problem or not?

Your thoughts? 🙂

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