My parakeet is very quiet and seems to puff up his feathers?

Question by Gabi: My parakeet is very quiet and seems to puff up his feathers?
Hi, I just got a parakeet about four days ago. I bought him from Petco (I know not a good choice but it’s the only pet store in the area). He is very sweet but very quiet and it worries me. He chirps maybe once or twice a day and he seems to puff his feathers a bit. Sometimes he’s fine and seems fairly calm but others he starts to get very shy and nervous. I have been giving him a mixture of pellet and seeds along with some fruits and veggies (although he only seems to taste them). I am nervous that there might be something wrong… Help?

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Answer by jessica
This isn’t normel I am a vet at a very persteges animal hospital this is a sign of cancer in the throat and spine and is even a sign of pregnancy in girls I’d get to the vet right away

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  1. George Says:

    So you only bought one parakeet? Why only one? Its probably quiet because its the only parakeet in the cage. If i were to buy a parakeet, I wouldnt buy just one but two of them at least. He needs company and other birds with who to be social. Buy other two parakeets or one. Just get him/her a friend to talk to.

  2. jon_mac_usa_007 Says:

    I have a pair of Cockatiels, they often puff up to relax, mostly before they nap or sleep.

    It takes a bird a few days to a week to get use to to his new cage and being alone. You need to spend time near the cage, read or watch tv , do speak to him get him use to your voice. Do fine a treat which he likes then start to bribe him to be more friendly, by slowly hand feeding him whatever treat he likes.

    Try to learn your birds “body language” to learn when he is happy, sad, upset, or even happy. Good Luck.

  3. Diz-Sas-Lun-Char-Mel Says:

    My parakeet did the same until I got him a mate now they bothe keep me up late at night chirping, and when the tv is on the chirp louder then the tv.

  4. Erin Says:

    It’s because he’s alone. Get him a friend and he’ll never shut up.

  5. Allie Says:

    I agree with most of the answers listed. Parakeets/ Budgies often puff their feathers either for comfort, rest, or they are cold. I had two budgies recently before giving them to my friend (We are planning on adopting a young cockatiel soon). They were very nice to each other, except when the male one, Blu, was in the spot where the female one, Jewel, wanted to be, or when Blu was eating the food or treats in the cage when jewel wanted them. Do not worry about the feathers puffing out, and I would recommend getting your parakeet a friend. 🙂 Hope this advice helps! <3
    Oh! By the way, if you do not take proper care of your budgie(s), - and I am not saying that you are going to take bad care of them. This is just a precaution - it/they may die. Budgies are very fragile and small. They are also easily frightened. Be sure not to scare your budgie, force it to do anything before it wants to, and do not let them get hurt, injured, or sick. Taking them to the vet will cost more money than the actual birds (I know you only spent $ 15-$ 30 dollars at most because I got mine from a similar pet store, Pet Supermarket). Make sure to get their wings clipped, otherwise do not let them out of the cage. Good luck with your new feathered friend(s)! <3 🙂

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