My parakeet wont play on his toys or climb around or anything…..?

Question by Zach H: My parakeet wont play on his toys or climb around or anything…..?
My parakeet wont play on his toys or climb around or anything…..ive had him for about a month and a half now and he still just sits on his perch all day and does nothing, he doesent really like to come out eather, anything i can do to boost his spirits?

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Answer by jyconan
Get him a mirror so he thinks he has a friend. Seriously, I worked in a pet store for a long time, this usually works. If it’s not that check his ambient temperature. If it’s way too hot or cold they won’t be very active.

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  1. Sam <3 Says:

    I would agree with jyconan about getting the mirror. My birds LOVE their mirrors in their cage. Also try giving him a treat. That might make him feel special. Just don’t give him a treat all the time cause that is unhealthy.Every once in a while is good.
    Hope I helped….good luck 🙂

  2. squawkbox3 Says:

    i thought that if you put a mirror in the cage then the bird comes less responsive to the new owner. And hes to busy talking to his “friend” that he doesn’t want to come out and play.???
    My bird doesn’t like to play on his toys to much yet either. But he has good days and bad days. Sometimes when hes excited he swings on some of them. But nothing to energetic yet.
    I find that when i play bird noises in the background, he plays on them quite a bit, because he gets so excited he hops and flies all around.
    try Bird music/sounds. 🙂

  3. Rhiannon Lost at Sea Says:

    my latest new parakeet was rather quiet also for the first few weeks. the bird we had before was very active and noisy so the difference was quite noticeable. like the others said, put a mirror in his cage and if you haven’t already, put a toy with a bell inside also. and keep working with him. every day talk to him, play with him, take him out of the cage for a while really helps. and for some reason millet seeds always seems to get our birds yakking away.

  4. allicia Says:

    i actually disagree with jyconan the last thing i would resort to would be the mirror. the mirror is like putting a child in front of the tv because they wont play with their toys. u should maybe try getting him a friend or you can rearrange his toys in the cage mabey put a treat at the top of his ladder and he’ll climb up it if not mabey he is just a bit scared of them and needs some time to get used to them hope this helps

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