New Budgie , inexperienced owner, HELP needed

I recently bought a parakeet about two weeks ago. I am going to explain the behavior of my bird and requesting all of you to put in your feedback.

My bird was initially very frightened but now it has somewhat adjusted. However, he almost never chirps. He chirps when I play videos on youtube of other parakeets chirping.

I try putting my hand inside. Usually, I put my hand inside for 3-5 minutes. I do this two times a day. I also sometimes put my hand inside for few seconds.

He never eats his food when I am looking at him. I believe he is still very afraid of me. He tries that while he eats his food I never get to see him. When I see him eating his food he flies back to his perch and stay there still. He never lets me touch him.

Should I give me food only few number of times a day? May be in the morning and in the evening?

I have started giving me little bit of fruits. I am going to give him more fruits. I mix the fruits with the seeds.

He barely plays with his toys. I cover his cage from three sides to keep the extra light away , since I sleep after midnight. He climbs on one of the toys only after I put all the lights out. He never touches or goes near the other toy. Atleast, never in front of me.

He throws a lot of his food out on the floor. I found him eating from the floor rather than the small holder that I have put inside the cage.

Q Is there anything that I am doing wrong.

Q Is there anything wrong with the bird?

Q Is it feeling lonely and could I do anything about it?

Q Will he become more active once he gets used to me?

Q Is it too early for me to ask these questions?

Q please give me some suggestions on how to take care, I am feeling little bit lost?


Thank you very much for reading a big post and answering me.

4 Responses to “New Budgie , inexperienced owner, HELP needed”

  1. Nanda Says:

    hey . dont worry . u are not doing nething wrong… ur budgie needs time … and i think some friends … u should buy few budgies so that he feels gr8

  2. smith Says:

    thank you for your response. Could you give me some suggestion as to how I could train the bird better?

  3. sadaf Says:

    it needs time..
    sing to him..he will probably chirp and not be afraid of u..whenever you enter the room try to give him that whenevr he sees u..he gets excited..thats what i did 🙂

  4. suddenly Budgies Says:

    If you only have this one little bird as a pet, then I say let it out of its cage 24\7. Keep the door open all day, over baths regularly and yummy snacks….they start coming around once they learn you HELP them. This has worked for me.

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