Something weird with my budgie

My female budgie Dean, has recently gotten 2 small lines on her forehead heading up from the top of her nostrils on her cere. They run in a straight line both about a quarter inch long on her forehead. I first noticed them about 2 days ago. It doesn’t look like discharge or anything, just 2 vertical little lines on her forehead feathers. Any ideas and should I be worried?

Admin Comment

Could they be pin feathers? Does it look like any of these images: If not, please upload a pic!

budgie head pin feathersbudgie pin feathersbudgie pin feathersbudgie pin feathers
– Lake

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  1. sgartlan Says:

    Nope, it’s like they were drawn on. Imagine lining the cage bars with graphite and then she leans her head on the bars. It’s like the lines that would be left after that. I’ll try and get some pictures of it and post them.

  2. maylena Says:

    How long have these marks bee on there?

  3. maylena Says:

    those are pin feathers….she/he is getting new feathers …it’s called molting…they molt about three times a year

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