Talking Parakeet Inko-chan ??? ????????

My parakeet talking “I love you”, “Come here”, “Talk to me”,”I AM SORRY”, “Inko-chan”, “Maki-chan”.
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25 Responses to “Talking Parakeet Inko-chan ??? ????????”

  1. adelby100 Says:

    kawaiiiiiiiiiiii ne!

  2. LOLOLMIN Says:


  3. SquirtleBby Says:

    Kawaii 😀 <3

  4. z55177 Says:

    Lol, thought the same thing, but this one is soooo cute and pretty looking, unlike the Toradora Inko-Chan. 😛

  5. SilverIceDragon Says:

    Such a beautiful budgie 😀

  6. gloglo309 Says:


  7. Naomily Says:


  8. budgies121 Says:

    aw! cute,beautiful bird! {i hav 2 budgies}

  9. CutsLikeAKnife00 Says:

    oh my gosh, how amazing she is~!!! So cute and sweet looking 🙂 Beautiful little girl! xoxoxo

  10. versiom97 Says:

    q bonito k color d plumas mas bonitas madre

  11. tanubum Says:

    amazeing chant from a female budgie well done !!

  12. sodasays Says:

    cutie cutie

  13. melanie22282 Says:

    What a BEAUTIFUL BIRD!! 🙂

  14. MJCraddock Says:


  15. 1987Andreas Says:

    HAHA OMG this is inko chan!!! sweet, very sweet hehe inko chan rulez

  16. fennechan Says:


  17. warboop Says:

    love it so very cute.5/5*****

  18. atlbanana Says:


  19. fennechan Says:

    Now he say “Maki-chan, kawaiiyo. I love you”. Maki-chan,itaiyo-! Inko-chan dayo.” and combine Kawaii and I love you together and say “Kai-love you.” He basically mix and sepak Japanese and English and Spanish all together 🙂

  20. rainxlxl Says:

    he said” Inko -chan” haha my male bird used to talk Japanese too he used to say”okaasa~n!, ofuro haitte kurune, and my name “

  21. CimarronMyst Says:

    That’s a beautiful and smart bird!

  22. KaijuSasuke Says:

    aww! It should learn to say those things in Nihon-go.. though I’m sure it does already.

  23. foxtrotthefox Says:

    i have parikeets but they dont talk but they like the hampster dance

  24. XxLuvNickJonasxX Says:

    aww cute!;DD

  25. brownfactor42 Says:

    ok,do u have a myspace

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