This is Pierre, the 2 year old African Grey Parrot. I tried to get him talking as much as I could, but he wasn’t saying nearly as much as he can. He can say hundreds of different sentences, noises, etc. This is him at Northern Reptile breeding facility, so there’s tons of cricket chirps in the background. (We feed them to the lizards).

25 Responses to “TALKING PARROT! AMAZING, HILARIOUS! (Subtitles Included)”

  1. TheLloydapt Says:

    Lol 1:35 Toby Turner impersonation xD

  2. jes9044 Says:


  3. skyro45 Says:

    1:00 break it down. Ohohohohoh

  4. prettyinpink888 Says:

    Hahaaa i luv tis parrot. Hes fabulus (:

  5. Heytheresugar Says:

    that bird deff said asssssssssssholeee at :11

  6. NotUrAvgChick Says:

    That is amazing how he sounds like a recording. A little creepy tho… I couldn’t have him in my house talking all day. It would drive me nuts!

  7. howlingserenity Says:

    never thought id hear “wanna go in your house?” so creepily before XD lol, amazng bird you have there

  8. Ghillieinthebush Says:

    Do you breed them?

  9. KyleIsYourFriend Says:


  10. rovert40 Says:

    I know that African Greys are amazing at mimicry, but actually hearing it still slays me. Hilarious. 😀

  11. xTheForgottenOnexx Says:

    Damn, he’s mimicking a man’s voice perfectly at the beginning when he says ‘Hello? Hello?’ xD

  12. EmmyFred1234 Says:

    2:24 “do you wanna go in your house?”

  13. EmmyFred1234 Says:

    1:06 u ain’t got nothin’ on me!

  14. fairfresh Says:

    Can you give me any tips, I’m getting one! 😀

  15. dontdareforget123 Says:

    Hey this video is hilarious! One question, where are their ears? :3

  16. katiekins77 Says:


  17. PyjamaBoy93 Says:

    Makes me miss my african grey :/

  18. Nightcrawlersgal101 Says:

    My fave part was 1:13

  19. QueenDairylolz Says:

    lmao the end was the best part. I laughed myself to tears. XD

  20. COGSofDat713 Says:

    I would be scared if a bird asked me “Do you wanna go in your house?” lmao

  21. FrozenMonkey14 Says:


  22. chrishazzoo Says:

    It is so creepy how he sounds like a recording… Amazing!

  23. 8LiGhTs8 Says:

    I can not get over this.

  24. judiannmac Says:

    Lost my Grey at 5….But he was so smart and I loved him!

  25. KSkate16 Says:


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