The Parrot Sketch

Monty Python’s Flying Circus

12 Responses to “The Parrot Sketch”

  1. MuTe Ys Says:

    Haha? really classic

  2. lottiealloverx Says:

    You comment this on a sketch from the makers of a? film that used coconut shells instead of horses? Hmmm…

  3. Doctormario4600 Says:

    Could be,? could be.

  4. TheHerpenDerpen Says:

    I dunno man, it might just? be a reeeally heavy sleeper…

  5. Naixx Nero Says:

    Be careful with that joke…it’s an antique.

    Still, kinda funny how 90 people watching Monty Python? sketches can’t understand sarcasm.

  6. comfy rage Says:

    Lol THIS is? an EX parrot XD

  7. TheTechnoToast Says:

    320 people think the parrot is restin’? ^_^

  8. Emil Sevon Says:

    Norwegia…? Really?

  9. laraesque Says:

    omg, this reminds me of a real situation where I was called in to consult about a restaurant with a lobster tank that was selling dead lobsters that were fouling the tank. I was a veterinarian in the town, and I pulled one out, put it on its back and showed the owner it was dead. The? little legs flopped back limply, and he said, there, it moved! It did not, I replied. It’s dead. I am a doctor, and I know dead. Couldn’t convince him. Really happened, I swear.

  10. TeamGavino Says:

    Greatest moment of John Cleese in my opinion.


  11. Doctormario4600 Says:

    Lol that’s ok.?

  12. Umut KARCI Says:

    it’s a joke, parrots are? exotic birds and norwegia isn’t pretty hot.

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