Thinking about getting a friend for my female Parakeet.

Currently we have 1 Female Parakeet.  She is finger trained and even tries to talk to us.  Sadly there are time when she ends up being home alone. Though I leave calm music playing for her. Currently her cage is  32”L x 20”W x 35”H. Which is way more then big enough for a friend for her.  I am on here because I was wondering how Parakeet’s react to opposite gender as well as same gender Parakeet’s.  And how such a thing would impact her feelings for us.

We like getting her out of her cage to play and stand on our fingers. We been thinking about getting a male. Would she be more interested in him then us? Can 2 females bond? Not in a hurry to worry about breeding. If so would a female be a better choice for our little friend? Should we leave new bird in small cage for a week to see how they interact with each other from across the room? We would also like to train the 2nd bird. Would it be easier to train it in separate cage at first? Thanks for the opinions.

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