What is the best and the fastest way to train a budgie?

I have had my nine week old budgie for a little more than a week. He is between scared and curious. I need some hand training info that will help him get on my finger and come to me without getting scared. PLEASE HELP! THANK YOU!!!!!!!! 🙂

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  1. Kibibi Says:

    Clicker training is the method that most professional animal trainers use today. Check out the links below for more information.

  2. Steelers =) Says:

    Ok there are a couple of way to train your budgie, but for little birds like a budgie, there is one way i like best. You should need a thin wooden stick, a clicker or if you don’t have one you can use anything that makes a clicking noise, like a pen or you could just buy a clicker for like 1 dollar at a pet store. And if you want to have the most accurate training then you need to limit the amount of food that your budgie receives a day. But before you do that, you need to buy a bird scale so you know how much your bird weighs. Now DON’T limit the food if you don’t have a bird scale because the results could be hatred or even death from the bird. And another thing to remember is that don’t do this with a baby parrot, because they can die a lot more easily. Only do it if your parrot is over a year old. So if you decide to limit your birds food, then weigh your bird for a couple of days and see his average weight. so say you have a parrot that weighs 1000 grams, but budgies would never weigh this much. but if your parrot weighs 1000 grams, then make sure that his weight doesn’t drop under 900 grams. so that means that never make your bird go under 10% of its starting weight. if it does then that becomes unsafe and you would need to skip a day of training and just let it eat all day. So once you have all of that settled, then get it a treat the it really loves to eat, and with birds like parakeets and cockatiels, i use millit. So when your parakeet is in his cage and hes done eating, then since you have a 9 week old bugdie you wouldnt really neeed the bird scale cuz its too dangerouse for it, but you could take out its food for about 1 hour. So once its been an hour without it having any food, then you need to Take the wooden stick and put it right infront of his mouth and what most normal birds would do is to try to bite the stick. And make sure that the stick is not too big for his mouth, so dont use a pencil cuz thats too big. just get a small stick. So once the bugie bites the stick then click with your clicker or whatever you use to click and feed it millet as a reward. Now the clicker just tells the bird that it did something right and that its ganna get a treat. So put the stick infront of it again and if it bites the stick then click again and give it the millet. Then just put it infront of the budgie more and more until it knows that whenever it bites the stick, its ganna get a reward. So then take the stick and put it one inch away from the budgie and see if it walks up to the stick and bites it. and if it doenst then that means your budgie doesnt know how to earn the millet. so jut put the stick infront of it maybe like 10 more times and then move it an inch away from the budgie, then for sure, if the budgie likes the treat and its hungry, it will bite the stick if its an inch away from it. Next you just keep putting the stick farther and farther away from the budgie until the budgie is one one side of the cage and you put the stick on the other side of the cage and the budgie will come and bite it. So once it can so that, then you need to try to make the budgie come out of the cage by simply opening the cage door and putting the stick on the door so it will be standing on the door. and then make the budgie go to the top of the cage. Thats where is should be. then you need to take your fingers and just put it on the corner of the cage where its not near the budgie. And then put the stick like maybe 3 inches away from your finger and just keep putting the stick near your fingers and giving it a treat so it will star getting comfortable with being around your fingers, and then When your budgie is okay with being near your fingers then keep your finger still on the top of the cage and put the stick right behind your finger just so the bugie would need to step onto your finger to bit the stick. then if it does, again click and feed it millet. Then the second time and the third time do the same thing. but on the fourth time when the budgie gets on your finger, before you click and feed it a treat, lift your finger just a little bit not too much orelse your budgie will get freaked out. So when you lift the budgie up a little then put if back down and then click and feed it millet so it will know that it needs to get on your finger and then get a treat. and just keep doing that until you can pick your budgie up and take it around the house everywhere and pet it and stuff. Now this teqnique is really great but you need to remember to KEEP ALL OF THE TRAINING SESSIONS SHORT. if they ar long then your budgie will get bored and it wont want to get trained because its too full from millet. so one training session should be about 10 to 15 minutes. not over 20 minutes at all. You would want to do about two training sessions a day. So with your bugdie it would take 2 to 3 weeks of training. But remember since you have a nine week old budgie then only take the food out for 45 minutes to an hour. But for a normal

  3. trinabean Says:

    well i got my bird comfortrable with me by putting a little food in my hand and having him eat from it. i also like to talk to him =)

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