What is the cause of my Parakeets death?

Question by dcclax30: What is the cause of my Parakeets death?
So today i came home and found my 5 year old parakeet dead in his water bowl. He seemed fine yesterday but today there was purple goo (throw up/diarrhea?) all over the cage and even on the wall behind the cage. Most of it was in the water bowl where he was laying dead. But it must have been projectile vomit/poop to make it onto the wall and nearby window. Really curious how this thing died. If anyone has heard of something like this before please let me know.
this really happened….

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Answer by Robert M
Sounds like poison.

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  1. Angela C Says:


  2. Troll Says:

    Alien Anal Probe. Obviously

    Problem, E.T?

  3. jane Says:

    It could really be a number of things but it sounds like it was something it ate or got into. It could be a food a reaction to a die in the seed it could be a toy it was chewing on something like that but it really sounds like a poisoning of some sort.

  4. Tim Says:

    Wow, you refer to your parakeet as a “thing”? Sorry for the loss of “your thing”

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