What toys should i get for my budgies today at the pet shop?

Question by Qasim: What toys should i get for my budgies today at the pet shop?
I got two budgies yesterday and i need to know what toys are they going to get and enjoy playing on them. And also my uncle was feeding them noname budgie food ( NO NAME IS A PRODUCT) and also im looking for new food for them and take. And where do i get a cage cleaning spray what are all of the things theyre gonna need?

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Answer by petbirds
Bells, ladders and swings are the best toys for budgies. Budgies love swings and if you get them a swing each, they will go to sleep swinging together. They also love bells and ladders as it gives them noise and things to chew. In my experience, canary seed is a good food to give budgies. yes canary seed. It has a good varietty of seeds. Fruit and vegetablesshould be given as well as boiled egg and shell gritt. Yo can get a cage cleaner from most pet shops however, if you want to save money, laundry soap or household disenfectant is just as good. Just be sure to wash off all the soap/chemicals before drying and always take the budgie out of the cage when cleaning. That is pretty much all they will need. Water should be given twice a day in the hotter months and once a day in the cooler months. Shreeded paper or shelgritt as a substrate is a good choice.

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  1. MuS1c_Fr3akk ? Says:

    Well first i want to congradulate you on getting your 2 new budgies. They are wonderful birds.

    Budgies love swings, bells, ladders, ect. They like shiny, and colorful things.And you should get them a play gym its has swings, bells, perches, ect/

  2. ms bell Says:

    Budgies usually enjoy playing with mirrors, ladders, preen toys or pacifiers, lanterns with a bell attached to it, and plastic rings linked together. I like to use a product called “poop off” to clean off dirty perches and the cage. You can buy this product at the pet shop or online. More things the budgies will need are a cover for the cage, paper to place at the bottom of the cage, septic powder (this is used to help stop bleeding, for example, if the parakeet’s claw is clipped and it was cut too short it will bleed), cuttlebone or mineral block (for calcium), a concrete perch to help trim the budgie’s nails, parakeet seed and millet. You’ll also need some fruits and vegetables. Many budgies enjoy eating apples (don’t give them apple cores because they are toxic), bananas, grapes, apricots, corn, peas, cantaloupe, watermelon, spinach, carrots, and sweet potatoes. Budgies need a well-balanced diet to remain in good health. Enjoy your budgies. They make great pets.

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