When should I take my baby parakeet out?

Question by Kenny H: When should I take my baby parakeet out?
So the egg hatch about 3 weeks ago.And the baby parakeet is starting to grow feathers.It has feathers on its tail and seems to have a lot on its head,but you can still see the pink part (Only on some part).I don’t know if I should take him out of the box yet.Earlier I took him out and then he went back into his nesting box.Should I take him out or leave in the box? The bird is really scared of me for some reason what should I do to bond with it? Thanks if you can help!

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Answer by Khoa
You shouldn’t take the baby parakeet out yet.If the body still have pink spots don’t take it out.Only take it out when the bird is fully covered with feathers.Also to bond with it I suggest playing with it once or twice a day for 10-15 minutes.

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  1. Eden Says:

    My parakeets had eggs i dint take mine out when they have fully grown their feathers they will come out it may take some time like about a month since they have hatched. Yes its best not to take it out if it goes back in.

  2. skydanzer400 Says:

    Just leave it alone. I’m sure the parents are still feeding it and they will see that it weans, when it’s the proper time. When it fledges, “leaves the box on it’s own” then you can start hand feeding it some soft warm foods. Be sure your hands are well washed and rinsed and use your finger tips. Things like mashed potatoes, (just the potato, no butter, no salt, etc.) come cooked sweet potato, some cooked oatmeal, mashed up veggies and so on. The more you hand feed it, the more tame it will get. But for now, you are rushing too fast, especially if you are reaching in the box and taking it out.

  3. JING{?} Says:

    It is still early. You should take it out when it is about 6 weeks old.
    IT is still scared and feeling cold, because it’s feathers has not fully grown.

    When it is 6 weeks old, it has to come out no matter what. So you can put it in the cage with some newspaper shreds under the cage because they can’t really perch well at that age.
    However, keep the nesting box out of it.

    Good Luck.

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