Why do animals act different before an earthquake?

Question by Mingma Sherpa: Why do animals act different before an earthquake?
Animals act different before an earthquake because they are trying to warn us and the other animals.

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Answer by C-Tech
Ultra low frequency (infrasonic) vibrations preceding the actual fault-slip is a common theory for why animals get spooked. Kind of like a deeply annoying subwoofer of natural origins.

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  1. Inconcievable Says:

    Most animals have keener senses and therefore can sense the smaller waves that travel just a bit faster than the larger waves from the source of the earthquake.
    Since humans can not sense the earlier small waves we only feel the larger waves.
    Animals sense the earthquake coming a little bit before humans, because they can feel the smaller waves. And as for them “warning” us, it is actually because they are just frightened and that is why they act differently.

  2. A.Ganapathy India Says:

    There are several forewarning systems found .But nothing is foolproof.The animals hearing range of frequencies are different from that of human ( 20- 20000) HZ . If we know why animals behaviours changes we can also by using that Technology give warning before an earthquakes takes place.Unfortunately we have not yet found the real cause for the change of behaviours. However you best read those changes fully.If somebody gives the real reason it is only false.

    Unusual animal behaviors before earthquakes
    MammalsNervous, restless, irritated, panic and act “crazy”.
    HumanHeadache, nausea, urge to vomit, giddiness, dizziness, heart complaints, nervous
    disorders, hysteria, bad weather symptoms.
    DogsBark loudly, whine ingratiatingly, anxious. Act as if tracking an unseen enemy; panic and bite owners, bark and pull owners outside, howl insufferably as if they have rabies.
    CatsRestless, meow pathetically, take kittens outside, climb high trees, jerk ears, lay ears back, leave home for days, disappear.
    RatsDisappear, fuss, panic, running on wires.
    HorsesStamp, snort, tremble, jump, buck, fall to the ground.
    CowsBellow, crowd together, run away in panic.
    PigsAggressively bite each other, dig under fences, attempt to climb walls.
    DeerLeave bush and forest, do not fear humans, run to humans, run aimlessly.
    RabbitsJump and run around.
    Sea lionsSwim in zigzags, act agitatedly, fuss when out of the water, do not ear food.
    DolphinsNervous, do not obey orders, leap put of the water.
    BirdsStop singing, become excited, flocks fly restlessly, cry weirdly, some die.
    BatsFly in the daytime
    ChickensFlap wings, shriek as if in terror, fly, fly to roofs. Cocks crow at midnight.
    HensLay no eggs, fewer eggs or eggs with two yolks.
    DucksAvoid entering water, cry, act aggressively, bite humans.
    Sparrows Flutter in swarms, flutter down while flying, no twittering.
    SeagullsFly inland, mew in sky, stay away from the sea.
    ParakeetsHigh pitched chirping, flutter wings, fly at night, stay on fence, die.
    ReptilesCome out of hibernation.
    CrocodilesCall, leave the water for land or leave cages for the forest.
    SnakesCome out to the open in winter, swarm in bamboo clumps in summer.
    TurtlesWake from hibernation, climb on others apparently in panic, run.
    CrabsLeave wet habitats and crawl ashore, large numbers found dead.
    FishFloat and align in one direction, leap out of water, move violently, die.
    Turn upside down, act as if in turmoil, swarm, bigger fishing catches.
    Deep sea fish appear near surface, do not eat, sea fish swim up rivers.
    EelsCrowd onshore, disappear.
    AntsLeave habitats carrying their eggs, swarm, enter houses.
    BeesEvacuate hives in a frenzy, buzz agitatedly and sting aggressively.
    CockroachesSwarm close to metal ware.
    DragonfliesSwarm close to metal ware.
    EarthwormsCome out of soil, aggregate.
    FliesSwarm and cling to sweaty skin, fly in circles, rotate themselves.
    Silkworms Unusual alignment.

    Plant anomalies before earthquakes.
    Blooming ahead of season
    PotatoTwo monthsVines bloom.
    ApricotSix weeksTrees bloom in winter.

    Early flowering & early crops
    RiceA few weeks beforeSmall plants, early crops,
    Bar-code leaves.
    OrchidOne day beforeSways without wind.
    MimosaAt or just beforeCloses leaves and droops.
    Tree leavesJust beforeShake without wind.

    Malfunctioning home electric appliances before earthquakes.
    Car navigatorsFluctuation of the pointer arrow.
    Clocks (quartz)Stopping or sudden movements of the second hand.
    Fast forward and backward movement or delayed movement.
    Fluorescent lampsDimming of light as during thunderstorms.
    IntercomsSpontaneous buzzing sounds, or not functioning.
    Mobile phoneRinging & light but no record of caller.
    Do not function, make odd sounds.
    Radio (AM)Spontaneous switching and loud sounds, pulsed noise.
    RefrigeratorsStrange compressor noises, spoiled yogurt.
    TVsSpontaneous switching, speckling and flicker.
    Barber-pole color, lines, image disortion, white bands, loss of colour, reversion to black and white, channel fluctuations.
    Earthquake precursor phenomena in the sky and atmosphere.
    Phenomena in the skyPreseismic (time)Coseismic
    Earthquake light (EQL)A day or a few hoursFlash and arc just before
    Earthquake fog (EQF)A few hours or just beforeSudden dense fog
    Earthquake cloud (EQC)A few days, 8 daysA dragon cloud appears
    Yellow skyA dayBecomes dark
    Short rainbows A few days…
    Haloed sunA day to a few hours…
    Elongated or red moonA day…
    Stars appear closeA day…

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