Why do my budgies keep throwing the food dish?

Question by Ben: Why do my budgies keep throwing the food dish?
I have 3 food dishes that are hooked to the cage wall and my budgies keep throwing it off the wall. I’ve tried putting more food in, just in case they wanted more (because my budgies lift the dishes then drop them banging the cage to get my attention for when they want or are out of food). This didn’t work. They keep throwing it off the cage wall and today I came home and not only was the one off the wall, but there was another one half-way off the wall hanging on 1 hook.

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Answer by S
There are 2 reasons they may be doing. One being they don’t like the food. The other being they are just trying to get a rise out of your, which most birds LOVE. My bird sometimes knocks things downs just to get me to pick it up.

You can try putting more sturdy bowls instead of flimsy hooked bowls. I’m talking about the stainless steal ones that screw into the cage.

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  1. pruzel Says:

    They probably want attention or they don’t like the food. Even if they are kept in a large cage that they can fly free lots around in they still want to have you there to talk and play with them and to fly around free in the room. If they don’t like the food then try different kinds (pellets, seed, millet, etc.) and different brands. See what they like and if they like it then keep giving it to them and they will probably stop.
    They also may want more toys and things to do. Most parakeets pluck feathers, and do other things if they are bored but it is not unheard of that they will do other things. There should be at least 2-3 toys per budgie in the cage and switch the toys out for other toys every week, two weeks or month (depends on how many toys.)
    ~Hope this helps!

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