Why does my budgie parakeet pace on his perch?

Question by Kelsey: Why does my budgie parakeet pace on his perch?
I have had this budgie for 2 and a half weeks. We got him as a companion for our other budgie that we had about a week or two before we got him. We got them a bigger cage when we bought the new one and they have lots of toys. They get about an hour out of the cage each every day. He paces and I was wondering if I should be concerned. He also flies head on into walls, which really worries me.

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Answer by lois d
pacing is flirting flying into walls want out for bigger flights.

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  1. hellogoodbye Says:

    Pacing within the cage means he wants to come out.

    Pacing outside the cage is a way of getting your attention.

    Either way, get his wings clipped by an avian vet because if he’s not experienced in flying, it is very likely that he might hurt himself. There have been many cases of birds flying into windows or mirrors and breaking their wing or neck, or even birds flying right out the door and never found again.

    Get his wings clipped for his own safety, if you please.

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