Why is my new parakeet acting some what odd?

Question by 😀: Why is my new parakeet acting some what odd?
So I got a parakeet yesterday and of course he is very afraid. But of course since hes my first bird I don’t know a lot about them so anyway Im a little worried because at first for the whole day yesterday he would only stand on the bars very high in one corner. My dad was rubbing his tummy lightly to try and see if he was hand tamed and he bit my dad. I only heard him chirp once when we were bringing him home. But he wont chirp anymore now today hes sitting on my perch watching me.
And ive been watching him all day yesterday and today and he hasnt eaten or drank. I am a little worried is this ok?

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Answer by oxpr0x
I would say that is completely normal just wait a few days and let the magic work 🙂

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  1. ?????Zz???????ß????? Says:

    yeah, give him some time. it’s very traumatic for them to move to a new place with a stranger. just keep talking to him, putting your hand in the cage close but not touching him just yet. he’ll have to get used to you, your voice, and your hand near him. my parakeet (may he rest in peace) was like that in the beginning, but after a few months, he got used to me and would perch on my finger. before I knew it, I couldn’t get him off me! he’d even land on my plate and start eating my food which is why he was so fat, which is probably why he passed sooner then I had expected. I had him for almost 10 yrs and expected a few more good years, but he was too chunky and it was too funny, and sad, to watch him fly around in my bedroom then land with a thump on his cage and huff and puff.

    don’t worry, he’ll start eating soon, he’ll get hungry enough, but still everyday, change his water, and check the food, maybe refresh it. that way, he’ll get used to you having your hands in the cage.

  2. Karen Says:

    Your new bird will need a week,sometimes longer to adjust to his new surroundings. At the moment he is frightened,hence the bite your Dad suffered. Birds bite out of fear. If you are worried about his eating,try hanging a millet spray, or other treat where he is perching for him to nibble on,as for drinking,I can assure you,he will drink when he gets thirsty.Your bird will settle with time,his actions are perfectly normal for a new bird…

  3. mylilsims Says:

    Birds are prey animals this means when scared they will sit perfectly still. I am Sure he is drinking and eating at some point.
    These are all natural behaviors.
    best thing you can do is let him get acclimated.
    Sit next to the cage and talk to him quietly a little while then go off and let him get comfy every few hours come back for another 15 or 20 minutes of talking quietly.
    As he gets comfortable you can also offer him some millet Budgies love Millet and once he is used to you you can hold a sprig very still like in the cage for him. using longer springs and shortening them as time passes.

    There are some great budgie info sites online.
    please check them out so that you can be sure to feed him a well balanced diet and give all he needs. My little ones loves sticks to chew on I had some organic farmers near me that gave me bird safe woods like dog wood for one and I took small twigs and some larger ones and used for perches they loved tearing the bark off of them.
    Also by offering many sized (width) branches it helped keep nails trimmed naturally and kept feet and legs strong.

    There is a LOT to learn about to keep a happy healthy budgie
    Check out some of these sites.
    By the way many sites will say they feed Grit. Please use Sparingly if at all Budgies do NOT need grit to process their seeds as they are seed crackers. offering a bit of oyster shell on a monthly basis maybe sprinkle a little on is ok But I have found that grinding egg shells in a old coffee grinder and offering in a small cup at all times if just as good. Also making sure a cuttle bone is available. Feeding veggies Mine Loved broccoli and spinach and sprouts that you get in the grocery store



    Ihis next one offers a Lot of info. from articles to message boards. they have a safe wood list and so much more including how to make your own healthy bird foods, to how to make toys.
    It is a must have bookmark for any bird owner no matter what size or species.

    Another great forum is tailfeathers

  4. RowanSilverSkye Says:

    Parakeets are timid little sweethearts,i have two,as well as a Lovebird I rescued from someone else,and a Cockatiel.it sounds as though your little birdie is just afraid and shy.For now,don’t try to touch it.Walk by the cage,and talk to her/him as much as you can.parakeets/budgies don’t drink much if at all,daily,so don’t panic yet.When you are feeding/changing water,move slowly in cage to not alarm it.Where did you get bird,and how old is it?I ask because the best birds come from a breeder not your corner pet shop,and many breeders will hand tame them for you.Mine cost $ 32 hand tamed,and i hold him every day.Anyway,allow your bird a lot of time to get used to your presence before putting your hand near him again-THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT-because if you continue to try to touch it, it will become Mean,and become a BITER.The reason he’s perched so high is to feel safe,but never put the cage higher than you either,a bird should always be about chest level to you-not on shoulder,either,but that comes later,when you have coaxed your birdie to like and trust you.Food is the best motivater ever,too.As time progresses,you will figure out what your birdie likes,and will find they will do anything to get that veggie,cracker,or millet from your hand.Please also put veggies in your birdies cage ,no bird should be on a seed diet only.He/she wont eat them at first but will grow curios over time.My Parakeets adore fresh Fennel that I get from Meijers.Also use charcoal,or gravel on their food it helps them digest properly.I feed them half of a hard boiled egg once a week,and noodles.and rice.My Cockatiel ,Parakeet,and Lovebird eat from their own special food on their own plate at dinner with us,no spicy food,no salt.Take your time ,and over the course of a few months you should be able to get near this bird without it biting you again.Go online and Google anything else you need to know,Parakeets are special,but they are the best beginner bird you could wish for.if he continues to not eat after a day or two,take him to the Vet,please.Cover him up at night ,too.Hopefully I’ve helped,feel free to contact me at rowansilversky@aol.com if need be.Relax a little and let your birdie be !!!
    Rowan P.S. Birds don’t react well to change-she could be just upset.

  5. p_snickerdoodle@sbcglobal.net Says:

    First of all, you definately need to do some more research about owning a bird. They have a lot of needs that most people didn’t know about. Make sure that his cage is plenty big enough (the bigger, the better) with toys and perches (that are different textures and diameters). He needs to be on a diet of pellets and many veggies and fruits (no avacado, onion, sugar, dairy, alcohol, caffiene etc) and take him to an avian certifed vet (find one near you here: http://www.aav.org/vet-lookup) to make sure everything’s okay. Now, you probably shouldn’t let your bird out now because he’s moved to a brand new enviornment with a person he doesnt know. let him stay in his cage for now, until he wants to come out. Let him get used to you and don’t force him to do anything he doesnt want to, he is very scared right now (thats why he was standing in the corner) You can start by sitting near his cage and reading out loud to him, so he can get used to your voice. I also recommend you check out Bird Talk, a great magazine about pet birds and read up on parakeets online and in books. Anyway, hope this helps and good luck!

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