Why is my parakeet vomiting seeds?

Question by Suguri: Why is my parakeet vomiting seeds?
She is vomiting up seeds.She has no toys or mirror but we have a male parakeet to keep her company.This few week i notice her bobing her head up and down and i saw a seed fell out of her mouth(she wasn’t eating then) Is she sick?

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Answer by Philip H
My experience is that she is attempting to feed her cage mate. I had a Green Wing Macaw that fed me. It was messy but she loved me. I am sure that’s what’s happening but if you’re worried, go on line and find a budgie web site or breeder and email them a question.

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  1. Owlwoman Says:

    This is called regurtitation. It is a sign of love. The highest form of love!! She is NOT sick.

  2. Timothy D. Says:

    Maybe it’s not feeling well

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